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mmm...That's Nice!

mmm...That's Nice!

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mmm...thats nice bath and body products


A touch of New Zealand with a hint of the exotic.
This heavenly creation of bath, body and homestyle products combines the aromatic intensity of warm fresh New Zealand fruits, entwined with notes of tropical flowers and spices.

The range is availble in 3 fragrances:

Sweet Orange & Clove
Gloriously vibrant from the sun-kissed region of Northland, combined with the deep musky fragrance of Cloves and Cinnamon.

Cherry & Vanilla
Rich, red and sumptious from Cherry trees in the beautiful South Island, combined with the seductive scent of tropical Vanilla.

Feijoa & Ginger
Smooth and luscious from throughout New Zealand, combined with the aromatic spicy oil of the Ginger plant.

Paraben Free, No Mineral Oil,
EDTA Free Soap, Not Tested on Animals.

Experience each delightful scent of our Mmm...that's nice! hand cremes and body lotions carefully blended into smooth, skin-loving formulations.
Enriched with the delicate & natural oils of Sweet Almond, Olive, Coconut and Macadamia.

Awaken your senses with our beautiful candle and diffuser ranges, designed to create a relaxing ambience throughout any room with their delicious lingering fragrance. All are presented with exquisite elegance making these the perfect gift - to yourself or someone else.