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Wild Ferns New Zealand Bee Venom Serum 47ml

Excl. GST: NZ$30.39 Incl. GST: NZ$34.95

Wild Ferns New Zealand Bee Venom Face Mask 50g

Excl. GST: NZ$25.96 Incl. GST: NZ$29.85

Wild Ferns New Zealand Bee Venom Night Creme 50g

Excl. GST: NZ$25.21 Incl. GST: NZ$28.99

Wild Ferns New Zealand Bee Venom Moisturiser 100g

Excl. GST: NZ$30.39 Incl. GST: NZ$34.95

Wild Ferns New Zealand Bee Venom Lip Plumper

Excl. GST: NZ$20.83 Incl. GST: NZ$23.95

Wild Ferns New Zealand Bee Venom Hand Rejuvenating Crème

Excl. GST: NZ$24.30 Incl. GST: NZ$27.95

Wild Ferns New Zealand Bee Venom Facial Cleanser

Excl. GST: NZ$28.65 Incl. GST: NZ$32.95

Wild Ferns New Zealand Bee Venom Eye Crème

Excl. GST: NZ$23.44 Incl. GST: NZ$26.96

new products

Mmm....that's nice! Feijoa & Ginger Candle

Excl. GST: NZ$36.52 Incl. GST: NZ$42.00

Mmm....that's nice! Cherry & Vanilla Hand Creme 80g

Excl. GST: NZ$20.00 Incl. GST: NZ$23.00

Mmm....that's nice! Feijoa & Ginger Soap 125g

Excl. GST: NZ$11.74 Incl. GST: NZ$13.50

Mmm....that's nice! Sweet Orange & Clove Hand Creme 80g

Excl. GST: NZ$20.00 Incl. GST: NZ$23.00

Mmm....that's nice! Sweet Orange & Clove Soap 125g

Excl. GST: NZ$11.74 Incl. GST: NZ$13.50

Mmm....that's nice! Sweet Orange & Clove Room Diffuser 120ml

Excl. GST: NZ$32.17 Incl. GST: NZ$37.00


Alpine Silk Gold Hydra Plus Replenishing Creme w Placenta

Excl. GST: NZ$25.90 Incl. GST: NZ$29.79

Manuka Doctor Apiclear Purifying Facial Peel 100ml

Excl. GST: NZ$31.26 Incl. GST: NZ$35.95

Merino Placenta Creme

Excl. GST: NZ$16.08 Incl. GST: NZ$18.49

Merino SPF30+ Collagen Creme with Vitamin E

Excl. GST: NZ$19.99 Incl. GST: NZ$22.99

Alpine Silk Anti-Ageing SPF30 Day Creme

Excl. GST: NZ$24.10 Incl. GST: NZ$27.72

Living Nature Lip Balm 10ml

Excl. GST: NZ$16.52 Incl. GST: NZ$19.00

Manuka Vantage Antiseptic Creme

Excl. GST: NZ$9.56 Incl. GST: NZ$10.99

Manuka Vantage Toothpaste

Excl. GST: NZ$7.82 Incl. GST: NZ$8.99

Manuka Biotic Nourish & Moisturise Body Lotion 200ml

Excl. GST: NZ$24.26 Incl. GST: NZ$27.90

Pure Source Rotorua Thermal Mud Mask 80g

Excl. GST: NZ$11.61 Incl. GST: NZ$13.35

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We Love New Zealand Skincare

And because of this love for New Zealand made Skincare products we are always searching for the best skincare New Zealand has to offer.


Great Value

We Offer some of the best prices on New Zealand skincare.  Compare for yourself.


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We pride ourselves on our customer service and aftersales service.  Our customers agree.



Introducing Linden Leaves Gold Skincare

2015-08-06 02:44:43

Linden Leaves Gold Skincare

Isn't it strange how a lot of the time our focus on beauty seems to stop at the neck? Radiant skin from head to toe is the hallmark of health, and is fundamental for true beauty - so why not treat your whole body with special care?


The new Gold range from Linden Leaves brings you the best of nature and science. In the development and formulation of the range Linden Leaves approached the concept of skincare very differently from your average product - focusing on effective moisturisation and age defying care for the entire body.


Each of the six products in the range offer the benefits of nature and science, creating a truly beautiful partnership between the two.


Natural Healthcare - Are Liquids Better Than Pills?

2015-07-15 10:04:42

Are Liquids Better Than Tablets?When it comes to natural healthcare there are no shortage of tablets, pills and capsules on the shelves to grab your attention, however are these little pills really the best way to administer natural healthcare remedies? or is there a better way?


Yes, there is another way and that is liquid herbs, yep you heard me right, Liquid herbs.


When it comes to any sort of remedy and in particular herbal remedies, they are at their most potent and effective when the correct dosage is taken.  This is the first advantage of liquids over pills etc, as it is easier to administer the correct dose and thus ensuring the maximum effect of the herb.


20% Off All KiwiHerb Products

2015-07-14 09:39:08

Kiwiherb is the natural choice for those seeking gentle yet effective health solutions for both them and their children.  Developed by experienced medical herbalists and pharmacists, the range of Kiwherb products has been trusted and recommended by kiwi parents for 15 years.  For a Limited Time you can get 20% Off the full KiwiHerb range at Skincarenz.com


Help Me Make It Through The Night

2015-03-24 20:27:06

We all know how important a good nights sleep is for our overall appearance.  A restless night can end up show on or face and skin.  We can end up looking haggard, but do not fear, this great new infographic from alight shows all the handy DIY beauty tips to have you looking like you had a restful deep sleep the night before.


Free Bee Venom Hand Creme

2015-03-16 03:05:23

FREE Wild Ferns New Zealand Bee Venom Hand Rejuvenating Crème with any 3 Wild Ferns Bee Venom Products

That's right, for a limited time on Skincarenz.com, we are giving you a FREE Wild Ferns Bee Venom Hand Creme with any 3 products purchased from the Wild Ferns Bee Venom range of skincare.  That's a saving of $24.30 (ex gst) and can be yours free.  Check out the full range of Wild Ferns Bee Venom products here.


Dimples Organic Skincare Because Baby Deserves Best

2015-03-14 06:52:10

Dimples Organic Skincare For Babies

We have just added a new range of natural and organic skincare for babies by Dimples Organic.  This skincare was developed because we all know that your baby, and mine, deserves the very best.

The Dimples Organic range is made in New Zealand, dermatologically tested on humans, 100% natural, certified organic and made with organic ingredients.


Alpine Silk Launches New Bee Venom Range of Skincare

2015-03-09 09:43:44

Alpine Silk believe nature will provide. They believe in the sustainability of nature. They believe that nature knows best. By finding a way to harvest, in a sustainable way, the goodness and power of nature, Alpine Silk believed they could make the world's best skincare. And they were not wrong.

They recently released their new Manuka Honey Range of skincare, which is a range of skincare which harnesses the proven benefits of manuka honey in to a beautiful and effective range of skincare. With this same ethos is mind they have continued to develop new way to harness nature into effective and extraordinary skin care.

Let us introduce to your the Alpine Silk Bee Venom Range.


Living Nature For Teen Beauty

2015-03-09 00:18:59

A great time-lapse video by patikARTmakeup shows the process of taking a beautiful young girl and using Living Nature's range of natural and mineral cosmetics tranforming her into an even more beautiful young lady.  The process and application is so simple and quick.  The result is a stunning young woman with understated make-up.  Check it out.


Sprains, Pains and Body Aches

2015-03-07 08:31:37

Here in New Zealand autumn is rolling in as summer fades away.  As sad as it is to see summer drift into the past, autumn brings with it the opportunity to get back into sport.  It doesn't matter if it is rugby, netball, cricket or soccer, it is time to play.  The only down side of getting back into playing sports is the inevitable injuries, bumps, scrapes, bruises, joint pain, muscle pain, sprains and more.  Is that going to slow us down? No and we have some great product recommendations to help you get through those aches and pains quickly and get you back on the field. 


Introducing the New Manuka Honey Skincare Range from Alpine Silk

2015-02-25 01:07:19

Let us introduce to you to a brand new range of Manuka Honey Skin care products from Alpine Silk.  This new skincare range is made by nature and features all the amazing qualities that manuka honey is renowned for.

Alpine Silk Manuka Honey Skincare

Alpine Silk have a belief which is based on learning from nature while living lightly and sustainably. We all know that the natural world produces the best of everything, including skincare ingredients. Quite simply, Alpine Silk decided that if they could harvest these ingredients made by nature and do so in a sustainable way, they would have the best natural skincare in the world.

Alpine Silk believe that the natural world knows best. After all, it has been adapting for millions of years to keep itself strong and healthy. Nature being imaginative by necessity, has already solved the problems we are struggling to solve.

From this ethos comes Alpine Silk's New UMF Manuka Honey Skincare. This range harnesses all the natural and a scientifically proven moisturising and anti-bacterial properties that certified UMF manuka Honey has to offer. Sustainably harvested and made in New Zealand.


What Our Customers Say

Oh my gosh, I initially purchased some Manuka hand and body cream in Wellington...well, this is an absolutely devine cream...it is soft on the skin, easy to spread, smells gorgeous and I just love it.....made 5 more purchases to share with the famdamily....