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Matakana Botanicals Lime & Olive Bodycare

Matakana Botanicals Lime & Olive Bodycare

Matakana Botanicals Lime & Olive Bodycare

Inspired by the beautifully lush region of Matakana, located north of Auckland, New Zealand. Alongside macadamia, vineyards and arts and crafts, the matakana region is great for olive growing. Matakana Botanicals identified the amazing benefits of olive oil for skin nad created this range using only locally grown and pressed olive oil. The final result is a unique bodycare range which nourishes, soothes and cleanses the skin and offers a refreshing and uplifting citrus fragrance.

The Aroma
The inspiration for the fragrance of this range also is drawn from the matakana region of New Zealand. It is common to stop at the roadside and buy a bag of limes while driving through matakana, and there is also a drink called the “Matakana Mojito” which takes a lot of fresh limes to make and is the perfect summer drink. The aroma of this range is zesty and uplifting.

About Matakana Olive Oil

Harvest Time
Olive growers in the Matakan valley generally grow, Koroneiki, Frantoio and J5 varieties of Olive. They are hand picked around April and May and pressed locally.

Olive Oil Information
Olive oil's benefits to the skin have been known for centuries, particularly by the people of the Mediterranean. Even Hippocrates, the Greek father of medicine, called olive oil “the great therapeutic” extolling the virtues of treating the skin with oil.

Cosmetologists, over the years, have recognised that olive oil contains an abundance of glycerides and fatty acids. These make olive oil gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and its antioxidant properties are well known.

Not all olive oils are as good as each other, The Olive Oil from the Matakana Valley is Extra Virgin Oil and this is the finest quality oil. It has an acidity rating of less than 1% and organoleptic (sensory perception: eg taste & aroma) rating of 6.5 out of 10.

Cold Pressed
All Matakana Valley Olive oil is Cold Pressed. This is a traditional process where the olives are pressed once, there is no heat or chemicals, therefore the oil retains all natural flavours, vitamins and beneficial minerals. 100kg of olives produce around 10 litres of oil!

Benefits of Olive Oil and Skincare
• Olive oil is high in Oleic acid (Omega 9) and is therefore a good skin cell regenerator. Oleic acid assists skin in anti-wrinkling and aging.
• Attracts external moisture to the skin to hold in moisture but allows theskin to function.
• Extremely moisturising and is similar to the lipids of the skin. Ideal for dry and damaged skin.
• Very high Vitamin E content (antioxidant) which assists to prevent body cell aging.
• High Pro-Vitamin A content (helps skin to remain soft and plump and improves the skin's water barrier properties).