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Earths Botanics Gardeners Skincare

Made by Gardeners ... for Gardeners. The first batch of hand cream was created in the family kitchen back in 1988. Our desire was to create a range which assisted to nourish and repair “hard working hands”.

A unique formulation was created utilising New Zealand Manuka oil & honey along with a selection of other local natural ingredients. Now 24 years on this range has become an “iconic Kiwi brand” that has gained an incredible reputation in New Zealand and gradually internationally. If you have hard working hands in need of repair, we suggest you reward your skin with these unique products.


Apart from utilising some very unique ingredients to nourish and repair we have combined some fresh citrus essential oils in the way Lemongrass, Orange & Rosemary to offer a Refreshing and uplifting unisex fragrance. Even the guys who work out doors really enjoy this uplifting aroma . Its so popular we have not changed it in 24 years!