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Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey

Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey

Wild Ferns Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey Skincare

All Wild Ferns skincare contains premium certified New Zealand manuka Honey with an over 80 percent Manuka pollen analysis whihc defines its pureness and authenticity. This high rating also ensures the greatest levels of natural manuka properties which makes Manuka Honey unique for its abilities in helping to enhance the health and appearance of the skin.

Wild Ferns beauty products are all cerated with the help of nature to bring you a luxurious skin care experience reflecting the unspoilt purity of New Zealand.

Natural Ingredients

Wild Ferns Natural Ingredients BirdFeaturing all new formulas containg more ingredients from nature and a more natural preservative system; Wild Ferns Manuka Honey is taking the Wild Ferns promise of delivering a luxurious skin care experience to the next level.

Symbolising the beauty of New Zealand, as well as the naturalness of the Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Skin care range; when you find the bird icon on the Wild Ferns manuka Honey skin care, you know you have found a special product that cares not only for your skin, but nature as well.

Look out for the Wild Ferns bird icon highlighting products that are 95% natural or greater.

Wild Ferns Manuka Honey, embracing more of nature as our journey continues.