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Thermal Mud

Thermal Mud

Thermal Mud Skincare

New Zealand has a geology which includes a belt of thermal activity. This belt is located in the centre of the North Island in New Zealand. This belt of thermal activity starts at the live Volcano on White Island in the Bay of Plenty and then travels west into Rotorua and ends in the Tongariro National Park in the active Ngaruahoe and Ruapehu volcanoes.

Due to it's location above the thermal belt, Rotorua, is a very active area. This activity displays itself as geysers, boiling mud pools, hot springs and fumaroles.

If you have never seen a boiling mud pool it really is quite something. It is from these boiling mud pools full of mineral rich mud that this unique range of skincare and beauty products comes from.

The thermal mud skincare products is basically the thermal mud suspended in mineral spa water. The reason the mud is particularly rich in minerals is due to its contact with volcanic gas and minerals, other muds have some minerals however due thermal mud is much richer in these minerals.

This thermal mud is ideal for regenerative skin care because the clays have a very strong affinity for moisture in the skin. It will also generate heat, once dried. This will help increase blood circulation and also increase perspiration thus toxins and other skin wastes are expelled.

Due to the thermal muds surfaces being highly active they absorb excess oils, fatty secretions from the skins pores.

The grey thermal mud from Rotorua has been used for many years for it's healing properties.

In order for the skincare products to be made, the mud must first be sterilised and then it is refined to remove anything that should not be there such as volcanic ash. Once this process has been completed it can then be manufactured into skincare products.

Thermal Mud skincare products has many beneficial properties:

Active Anti-Bacterial - kills bacteria on the skin and prevents and eliminates acne.

Antiseptic - Destroys pathogenic agent without attacking adjacent healthy tissue.

Healing qualities - Silica, Aluminium and Zinc all found in the mud which are all essential to tissue regeneration and scar prevention.

Absorbing - Drains off infections and absorbs excess fluids

Re-mineralising Equilibrium - Transmits necessary mineral salts to organisms for biological equilibrium.

Rebalancing System - Provides sufficient mineral salts to enhance the bodies natural imune system.