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Alpine Silk

Alpine Silk

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Alpine Silk Skincare

If there is one thing New Zealand is famous for it is sheep. The facts tell us that here in New Zealand there are about 10 sheep for every one person. To keep all these sheep together they are kept on large farms called stations.

Because many of these sheep stations or farms are found in areas of New Zealand which many would consider harsh or even inhospitable only the Merino sheep tended to be hardy enough to endure.

Of course the one thing which sheep do every year is grow wool and this needs to be shorn off them, in old days this was done with manual shears however in modern times this is done with electric shears.

To carry out this job required a certain type of man, usually quite a hardy tough man and many sheep shearers where known to be some of New Zealand toughest men. Even though they were and still are hardy men, they tended to have some of the softest hands on the stations.

It was only after years that it was discovered that these soft hands came from the the Shearers spending their time with their hands immersed in the world’s best skin lotion – Lanolin Oil which came from the sheep’s wool.

Nowadays lanolin oil is well known to promote healthy, soft and vibrant skin.

The Alpine Silk range of skincare is one of the most luxurious and finest ranges of Lanolin skincare. It combines natural lanolin with the essence of New Zealand.