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Linden Leaves Gold Skincare

Isn't it strange how a lot of the time our focus on beauty seems to stop at the neck? Radiant skin from head to toe is the hallmark of health, and is fundamental for true beauty - so why not treat your whole body with special care?


The new Gold range from Linden Leaves brings you the best of nature and science. In the development and formulation of the range Linden Leaves approached the concept of skincare very differently from your average product - focusing on effective moisturisation and age defying care for the entire body.


Each of the six products in the range offer the benefits of nature and science, creating a truly beautiful partnership between the two.

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Help Me Make It Through The Night

25/03/2015 9:27:06 am

We all know how important a good nights sleep is for our overall appearance.  A restless night can end up show on or face and skin.  We can end up looking haggard, but do not fear, this great new infographic from alight shows all the handy DIY beauty tips to have you looking like you had a restful deep sleep the night before.

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With so many different skin care ranges on the market. Each range has it's own main or hero ingredient, it could be Manuka Honey, Placenta, Lanolin, collagen and many more. It is sometimes difficult to figure out what skin care will most benefit your skin enough to make them part of your regular skin care routine. In order to make an informed decision it is important to understand what benefits each of these ingredients will offer your skin.

In this article we will be discovering collagen, what it does for your skin and will it be beneficial for you.

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