We all know how important a good nights sleep is for our overall appearance.  A restless night can end up show on or face and skin.  We can end up looking haggard, but do not fear, this great new infographic from alight shows all the handy DIY beauty tips to have you looking like you had a restful deep sleep the night before.


Some of the handy, effective, tips they share in this infographic are;

Apply Aloe Vera around the eyes to reduce dark circles.


Pop a tea bag on your eyes (a cold one of course) for 10 minutes to reduce puffiness.


The classic cucumber slices are in there as well and i thought that fad died off in the 70's but if it works it works.


Check out the infographic below, I bet you will find some handy and useful tips to look your best after a bad night's sleep.


I am off with a carton of coconut milk and some cold tea bags, I will be back when I look a little better.


Courtesy of: Alight
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