Natural Healthcare - Are Liquids Better Than Pills?When it comes to natural healthcare there are no shortage of tablets, pills and capsules on the shelves to grab your attention, however are these little pills really the best way to administer natural healthcare remedies? or is there a better way?


Yes, there is another way and that is liquid herbs, yep you heard me right, Liquid herbs.


When it comes to any sort of remedy and in particular herbal remedies, they are at their most potent and effective when the correct dosage is taken. This is the first advantage of liquids over pills etc, as it is easier to administer the correct dose and thus ensuring the maximum effect of the herb.


Now if you care about your herbal healthcare, which I am sure you do if you use herbal remedies at all, you have to be concerned that when herbal healthcare is packaged as pills, capsules or tablets, the preparation requires tablet agents, coasting, capsule casing, fillers and much more. These added extras make the actual herbal treatment less potent thus less effective.


Mainstream drugs usually have a hero active ingredient, which performs one task. This is not so with herbal treatments. All herbal treatments are rich in the complex phytochemicals (chemicals found in plants). These phytochemcials perfom many functions within your body. However when herbal treatments are prepared in pills and capsules many of these effective active chemicals are made less potent and not as effective. With a liquid treatment, the active chemicals from the plants are extracted in their full range thus making them highly effective.


Liquid Herbs for ChildrenEarlier I talked about dosage as a benefit of liquid healthcare over the traditional pills and tablets. This is also a bonus when you require flexibility with your dosage. Children of different ages, for example, will require different doses depending on age, liquid makes this task simple however trying to spilt a capsule or tablet could prove a little more challenging.


Other simple, but effect benefits of a liquid over the traditional tablet form is that it is far easier to administer the dose to children than trying to have them swallow a pill, anyone with children will understand what a chore this can be. Liquid can also be easier to administer to those with swallowing issues or digestive issues where they find it difficult to absorb or digest tablets.


Here is a little titbit  I found out while researching this article, tablets and pills remove the taste of the herbs and plants which are used, you only get the taste, if any, of the tablets. For some herbs, known as "bitters" it is important for the taste to be present. These bitters work, in part, by triggering taste receptors on the tongue. This then send signals to your brain to kick in your digestive system, pretty amazing stuff. Liquids retain this taste and therefore by taking the liquid form you get the benefit of this feature of the herb.


Echinacea FlowerOne great example of effective liquid preparations are is Echinacea. Echinacea is an plant found in North America. It has been used as a remedy for infections and inflammation since the first settlers in the USA. It went out of favour for a time with the advent of antibiotics but in recent years has become more popular due to it being effective in its ability to boost immune systems and as a natural tool for winter ailments.


One thing with Echinacea is that it contains alkylamides, these are the active elements of the Echinacea. When applied to the tongue it will tingle, so when taking Echinacea you can essentially tell the quality of the medicine by the tingle. Let's call it the tingle test. This tingle tells you that the Echinacea you are taking is effective. This test can only be done when taking it in its natural or liquid form, capsules or tablets will not give you any indication of how effective the Echinacea is.


When you take herbal medicines, you want them to be effective and potent, you want them to do their job well and get the results you require as fast as possible and liquid preparation allows herbs and plants to be the most effective and potent way to take them.


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