Here in New Zealand autumn is rolling in as summer fades away. As sad as it is to see summer drift into the past, autumn brings with it the opportunity to get back into sport. It doesn't matter if it is rugby, netball, cricket or soccer, it is time to play. The only down side of getting back into playing sports is the inevitable injuries, bumps, scrapes, bruises, joint pain, muscle pain, sprains and more. Is that going to slow us down? No and we have some great product recommendations to help you get through those aches and pains quickly and get you back on the field.

Kiwiherb Sprainaway CreamOur first recommendation is KiwiHerb SprainAway Cream. This great product should be a staple in your sports bag this season. This premium cream should be your go to treatment for first response sports injuries. It has been formulated to relieve sprains, muscle strain, stiff joints, bumps, bruises and soft tissue injuries.

KiwiHerb SprainAway Cream is a blend of Arnica and Comfrey root and leaf. This combination make the cream perfect for getting you back on the field after minor sports injuries. The Arnica in all KiwiHerb products is from New Zealand and is 100% sustainable, this is important as in Arnica's native Europe, due to it's natural habitat being destroyed, the sustainability European Arnica is in question.

Many injury and sports rubs currently on the market contain peppermint or menthol, this can be a problem for those of us with sensitive skin. The great thing about KiwiHerb SprainAway Cream is that it does not have any menthol or peppermint present and is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Kiwiherb Comfrey OintmentOur second recommendation is KiwiHerb Comfrey Ointment, which is ideal for dealing with joint and bone injuries. If you suffer from joint or back pain, sports injuries and even bruises then you should check out Comfrey Ointment. The ointment is 100% certified organic. As it is an ointment it remains on the skin for much longer and therefore its active ingredients get a chance to penetrate deep into the skin. It is formulated with a sunflower oil base and blended with Comfrey leaf and root.

KiwiHerb Comfrey Ointment is paraben free, petrochemical free, no artificial colours, preservatives or fragrances, naturally.

What is Comfrey?

New Zealand Comfrey PlantIt is a perennial which is really fast growing. Organic farmers use it as a fertiliser. Medical herbalists use it to aid in the speedy recovery of muscle and skeletal injuries and also in the healing of bruises. Comfrey is well known to aid in the healing of connective tissue injuries and bone injuries. Comfrey is known as "knitbone" and "Bruisewort".

More recently real scientific research has been carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of Comfrey as a healing aid. In a study published in 2004, 142 patients were administered Comfrey or a Placebo on ankle sprains. Over the course of the test, which latest 8 days, patients which received the Comfrey showed more rapid healing and much improved joint mobility.

A second trial was carried out, this time however the placebo was replaced by a diclofenac gel and applied to ankle sprains within 6 hours of the injury occurring. The results showed that the patients who were in the Comfrey group rated the treatment as 84.2% effective compared to the diclofenac group who reported an effectiveness of 70.8%

Should you choose Ointment or Cream?

This is very much a personal choice. Some prefer cream to ointment and visa versa. However to clear things up we have compared creams to ointments below;

Creams are (approx) half water, half Oil. Ointments are around 80% oil and 20% water.
Creams spread easily and are absorbed quickly into the skin. Ointments have a 'greasy' feel and tend to stay on the skins surface.

So creams are absorbed quickly into the skin, great if you require fast absorption of active components, Ointments on the other hand give a more sustained absorption of active components.

So it really comes down to your preference and also when and how the treatment will be applied, during the game or after when you have a chance to relax.

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