Alpine Silk believe nature will provide. They believe in the sustainability of nature. They believe that nature knows best. By finding a way to harvest, in a sustainable way, the goodness and power of nature, Alpine Silk believed they could make the world's best skincare. And they were not wrong.

They recently released their new Manuka Honey Range of skincare, which is a range of skincare which harnesses the proven benefits of manuka honey in to a beautiful and effective range of skincare. With this same ethos is mind they have continued to develop new way to harness nature into effective and extraordinary skin care.

Let us introduce to your the Alpine Silk Bee Venom Range.

Alpine Silk Bee Venom Skin Care Range

As you may know as we grow older our skin slows it's production of collagen. This is the reason our skin develops wrinkles and signs of ageing. Bee venom, when applied, fools our skin, fools the skin by making it think it has been stung, gently of course. This then causes the skin to be stimulated into producing collagen, tightening the skin, increasing firmness and boosting the elasticity of the skin. These reactions make the skin feel fresher and look more youthful.

What is Bee Venom?
It is exactly what you think it is, it is the venom which bees inject through their stinger to protect themselves and the hive from threatening situations.

How is it collected?
This is a good question and an answer which I didn't believe at first. The venom harvesters place a piece of glass or nylon outside the hive. Then a very slight electric current is run through the frame of glass or nylon. When the bee lands on the frame they feel slightly threatened and sting the glass or nylon. The stinger, in normal situations, is left behind in the victim of the sting, but because the stinger strikes the glass, the venom is released but the stinger remains intact inside the bee. The bee is then free to fly away unharmed.

This sustainable collection method is one of the most important elements for Alpine Silk as they believe all their products should be harvested in a sustainable manner.

The Buzz (excuse the pun)
Many hollywood celebrities and royals are said to be using New Zealand bee venom in their skin care routines. Michelle, Pfeiffer, Dannii Minogue, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Middleton are but a few names who use New Zealand bee venom to stimulate their skin into looking younger.

Products in the Alpine Silk Bee Venom Range

Alpine Silk Bee Venom Intensive Regenerating Serum - $53.83

Alpine Silk Bee Venom Ultra Repair Eye Crème - $31.83

Alpine Silk Bee Venom Nourishing Face Creme - $34.52

Alpine Silk Bee Venom Intensive Moisturiser - $33.83

Alpine Silk Bee Venom Nourishing Face Mask - $37.83

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